10 Reasons to Join a Fitness Community

August 13, 2022

Joining a fitness community has so many benefits. There are various environments for fitness communities in every town and city. Finding one that fits who you are, what you want to accomplish and the type of people you want to be surrounded by will help in every way for your health and wellness journey.

As much as working out from home can be convenient, sometimes it’s too convenient. Below, I point out 10 reasons why belonging to a fitness community will help you towards your fitness goals!

You don’t have to do any of the thinking

If you are like me, the less decisions you have to make and the less you have to think about what exercise is next, how many reps, what type of weight to use etc, the better. Literally, just show up and you will be guided for the warm ups, the workout and the cool down stretching. All of the exercise drama goes away!

You will get that “extra push”

Many people worked out from home through the pandemic and as they returned to Feed Your Soul Fitness, so many have said “Wow, I just get a better workout here!” The environment of having a coach walking around to ensure you don’t quit with just 10 seconds to go will ensure you push yourself yet stay safe at the same time. That ‘extra push’ is also prevalent because there are others inside the classes also doing their best to push through. Talk about motivation!

Your form, technique and approach will improve

You might think you have the best squat technique or chest press technique, but when you are in a Fitness Community with a certified coach, you will most certainly learn a thing or two when it comes to form, technique and approach.

Proper form is key to ensure you are effective with the specific exercise; especially if you have an injury. Even if you have a mirror at home, it doesn’t compare to external eyes on your body in a 360 degree fashion. 

There are always improvements for technique whether it’s engaging a certain muscle, using your breath in a particular way or even adjusting neck alignment. These technique improvements can help prevent injuries as well! 

Increased levels of accountability

If you workout in your basement or living room and one morning you decide you just don’t feel like it, who will know, besides you? Who will ask you what happened and hold you accountable to making sure you show up the next day? Likely, no one. 

Fitness communities will have coaches and other members that will notice if you don’t show up and reach out. You’re also less likely to ‘no-show’ because you registered for the exercise class and know that there is a spot with your name on it. 

Your sense of accomplishment will sky rocket

There is nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment. And your sense of accomplishment will sky rocket the moment your group training class ends at your fitness community. You just did it! You scheduled the workout, you made the time, you drove there, you did the workout; there is a lot to celebrate! And that sense of accomplishment will bleed into other areas of your life helping you battle anxiety and depression. 

Being a part of a community feels good

Most fitness communities offer Challenges, do community volunteer work or host events/fundraisers. When you get involved with any of these realms, you feel like you are a part of the bigger picture and it’s incredibly rewarding. It becomes more than just working out. So you actually get the trifecta of the WIN-WIN-WIN momentum of you winning, the fitness community winning and the community winning!  

Creating friendships you didn’t know you needed

One of my favorite aspects of being a part of a fitness community is the camaraderie and connection to like-minded people. This feels good because as you see familiar faces week by week, you create special bonds with the people that surround you the most. I know the ladies that take the early morning classes at Feed Your Soul Fitness have created a very special bond and it helps them not only push a lil harder in class, but they also support each other outside of the gym too. These friendships help make everything feel more comfortable and purposeful in the workout space as well. 

You will get stronger 

When you are doing your at-home workouts, you are limited because you just don’t have all the weight selection and equipment variety at home that a fitness community would have. There are certain exercises where you can go heavier on and certain exercises where a lighter weight is best suited. Not only knowing when to change it up, but having the selection to be able to change it up is important. Don’t stay stuck and plateauing because you only have 5lb and 10lb dumbbells at home. Your muscles will thank you! 

There is zero boredom

Boring workouts are not motivating workouts. Workouts that are not motivating are workouts that don’t happen consistently. (And consistency is key for results!) A great fitness community will keep your workouts fresh, invigorating and exciting! Showing up excited for what the program is for that day will help you not only keep consistent, but also to have more pleasure in what you are doing so that you keep coming back for more! There is also a special vibe of a fitness community from the verbiage the trainer uses to coach to the music playlist everyone is enjoying.

It’s your “Third Place”

You aren’t ‘Mom’ at the gym. You don’t have a boss at the gym. Your laundry pile will be out of sight at the gym. This is where you can work off the stress of your job. 

It’s not Work. It’s not Home. It’s your Third Place. Your fitness community can be a refreshing part of life, helping you get that breath of fresh air so you can do life better. When is the last time you experienced your Third Place?

Finding Your Fitness Community at Feed Your Soul Fitness

For individuals that are looking for a fitness community that focuses on beginner/intermediate realms, Feed Your Soul Fitness is a great place to join. In the FYSF environment, you will feel zero judgement, you will not have to worry about too intense of workouts and it’s a private training facility meaning anyone training needs to be with a coach and can’t workout on their own.

Whether you feel it’s best to be a part of our Small Group Training (In Studio or Online) or if you need some one-on-one training with Personal Training, we can help you get started. Check out our options for either our 28 Day Challenge that is comprehensive of Fitness, Nutrition and Accountability or try some classes out with our 7 days for $25 promo! Either way, we can’t wait to welcome you and help you with your goals!

Check out these testimonials from our Fitness Community!

Fitness Community Testimonial from Lorraine
Fitness Community Testimonial from Jona

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