Small Group Exercise Classes

The best part about Feed Your Soul Fitness is the community!

 Our Small Group Fitness Classes are fun, exciting and 40 minutes long! Our community is non-intimidating and not competitive so you will feel comfortable.


Our Group Fitness Classes are:

  • Available to take In-Studio or Online via zoom
  • 40 minutes long so anyone with a busy schedule can attend regularly
  • Available 7 days a week with Morning, Mid Day, Afternoon and evening times
  • Offered with modifications for those with injuries or limitations.
  • Timed so that everyone can work at a pace that best suits them.
  • Carefully watched over by a trainer to ensure proper alignment and form.
  • Lead by certified trainers that will demonstrate each exercise so you know how to do them.
  • Going to help you feel better and have more energy! Soon your clothing will fit differently, you will feel more strong and you will be living the life you want!
  • Helpful with reducing stress, anxiety and depression! Your mental health will vastly improve!

Classes Offered

Strength & Cardio Classes

  • Use a variety of resistance training equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, medicine balls etc
  • Cardio exercises peppered in throughout class 
  • Each class is different and unique-you never know what to expect!
  • Reduce stress and anxiety as well as combat depression
  • Get stronger, improve balance, develop core muscles, build endurance/stamina
  • Get the “me-time” that you deserve
  • Feel accomplished and proud
  • Online or In-Studio classes

Circuit Training Classes

  • Utilize a variety of equipment for a full body workout! 
  • BOSU, Dumbbells, TRX, Benches, Battle Ropes, Agility Ladders, Balls and more!
  • Build your cardiovascular endurance while getting stronger muscles
  • Each class is designed to have you feeling powerful, happy, and to get that extra push!
  • Embrace the energy of others to help you finish strong!
  • In Studio only

If you are interested in training in our group sessions, having focused attention with workouts that are safe, effective and fun, now is the time to come to Feed Your Soul Fitness.

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