You might be wondering

How do I get started with Feed Your Soul Fitness?

We create customizable programs for our clients instead of just being ‘cookie cutter’ or ‘one-size-fits-all’ mentality.

It’s important to us to know more about your specific goals, starting point, health history and lifestyle. We begin by either setting up a phone call or in-person meeting at the studio so that we can answer all your questions and see if we are a good fit.

Please email us, call us or click any link on the website to get started with one of our Trial Offers to check us out!

How do your memberships work?

 We offer month to month memberships as well as 6 month memberships for small group training after your trial offer. Memberships start at $129 a month. 

Our Nutrition programs can be between 28 days and 12 weeks depending on the program.

Personal Training is month to month after your trial offer should you wish to continue.

Learn more about our customizable programs when you chat with a coach!

How long are your workout sessions?

Our Small Group Training sessions are all 40 minutes. Our Personal Training sessions are 45 minutes of one-on-one attention. 

I have some injuries/limitations. How do i get started?

An injury can certainly be discouraging and have you feeling hesitant towards starting exercising again. Our coaches prioritize safety so they will never ask anything of you that does not feel right for your body. Our community is beginner/intermediate based, so you will feel comfortable in the workouts to do what is best for your body.

If you’re uncertain about proper form or just want to increase your confidence before doing small group training, we can do a few Personal Training sessions to begin with. We will ensure you get the support you need to stay safe and learn how to modify for your own body.

Where are you located?

FYSF is at the corner of 44th and Chase Street in Northwest Denver just a few blocks west of Sheridan Blvd.

Our address is 5500 W. 44th Ave Denver 80212 and we have plenty of free parking in our lot.

What is the training and nutrition philosophy of fysf?

We help busy people feel better and be healthier with sustainable Fitness and Nutrition. We support people who are local to our studio but also across the USA through our remote coaching. We have expert trainers and nutrition coaches on staff that are caring, empathetic, approachable and focused on the betterment of your health. We welcome everyone in our studio that is eager to make positive lifestyle changes and improve their health. 

We do not believe extremes whether it is in regards to restrictive diets or aggressive workouts. Our goal is to have your nutrition to be nourishing and your exercise to help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Last, it is important to us to help your nutrition and exercise path to be lifestyle friendly for your individual scenario. Whether you have four kids, work the overnight shift or live alone, we will find the best path for you.