Personal Training

Individualized training for more energy, increased strength and better confidence

Whether it’s been a while since you last worked out or you have an injury you need to be cautious of….

 Personal Training is the best way to get started.

Classes are made to fit into anyone’s schedule!


When was the last time you prioritized your health & wellness goals and felt your best?

We focus on individualized workouts because the “one size fits all” mentality doesn’t work.

Imagine being able to live life to the fullest whether you are chasing after kids/grandkids, hiking/skiing more or just being pain free day to day?

Personal Training is scheduled when convenient for you! Whether you want first thing in the morning or after work time, we can do that!

Feed Your Soul Fitness Success Formula


Meet you where they are at. We will ensure your starting point is safe and doable.


Discuss past injuries, body limitations, and any health history pertinent to your training program. This includes a mobility assessment.


Create programs that are specific to you


Coach proper form, alignment and keep workouts safe.


Have you leave feeling successful, happy and closer to their goals.


Make sure you feel supported, motivated, and held accountable.


Have fun!
Seriously, we want you to be excited about your training session, not to dread it!

Denver Personal Training

Make Lasting Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Body and Mind

We will focus on what you want to focus on.

Perhaps you do cardio on your own, but lifting weights doesn’t happen because you don’t know how to do it safely or what to do.

Or maybe you need to increase your cardiovascular health in a safe, sustainable way. 

We got you!   

Enjoy the benefits of Personal Training

Consider some of these benefits of working with a personal trainer at Feed Your Soul Fitness


improve Overall Fitness

Your trainer will help you lose fat, gain muscle and increase overall endurance. You will feel a noticeable difference in just. a couple sessions. Increased stamina, stronger core, better balance and more! Whether you hike, ski, bike or just want to be more active in general, regular exercise is the way!


Maintain a healthy weight

Not all exercises are “created equal”, and some are far more effective depending on your current physical shape, body type, etc. A trainer helps you focus on what will get you the best results.


Learn to stick with it

Your trainer helps you achieve fitness goals, but also help you reevaluate how you view health and wellness. They’ll help you realize fitness should be a priority in your life…not a “to-do list” item. Through training, you will find a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Focus on your health concerns

Everyone has their own unique challenges that hinder their progress, from old injuries to chronic conditions. A trainer helps you understand how to optimize your fitness plan for you. This is “me-time” as its best!


Stop wasting time

Your time is precious, let’s make the most of it when you train. A trainer will have a program designed for you from the warm up to the workout to the cool down so you do not have too do any of the thinking. All you have to do is show up! 


Enhance mind, body, and spirit

Consistent exercise helps you sleep better, drink more water, have more energy and all of this creates. a positive ripple effect into every aspect of your life. Whether it’s personal, profssesional, financial or even romatic realms, living a healthy life becomes more abundant with training.


Learn new skills

Being educated while exercising is essential in maximizing effectiveness and reducing risk of injury. Your trainer will teach you about exercising safely and correctly for lasting results. Additionally, your trainer will be creative in the exercises and use of equipment to help you learn new skills that include better balance, improved cognitive function and more!


Benefit of the buddy system

When you’re accountable to a trainer, you can throw the “I’ll go tomorrow” or “I’m too tired” excuses out the door because they’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. There is something about having a scheduled appointment at a specific time and knowing you are meeting someone.

So Don’t put it off

Who We Help

If you’re ready to become the fittest, healthiest version of yourself, Fused Fitness can make it happen.

With our caring, expert coaches, you will not deal with ego or intimidation. No year long contracts. No flaky ‘no-shows’. Just professional and commpassionate humans to help you get started!

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