The Benefits of Semi Private Training

July 17, 2022

If you are thinking of getting yourself started with exercise, consider Semi-Private training (also known as Small Group Training). It’s a great way to meet people similar to you in that they also want to live a healthy lifestyle. Plus, the attention you get during training is better than if you were in a group of 40 people (which is common in most franchise type facilities like OrangeTheory Fitness or Corepower). Yet, it’s not the 1:1 individual coaching of Personal Training either which leads to getting more of that community feel.

What is Semi Private Training?

Semi-Private training is a cost effective and fun way of getting into regular and consistent exercise.

Typically, semi-private training can involve anywhere from 4-12 participants for one coach. The coach would design a workout for the participants to follow so that they get a solid workout in a small group environment.

Depending on the facility/business you choose to exercise at, the workout could have all participants doing the same exercise at once, or each person does something different and rotates ‘stations’ (known as circuit training). Also depending on the facility/business you choose, it could be set up as full body workouts or they could choose certain days of the week for specific areas of the body. (chest and bicep day/shoulders and triceps day/leg day).

Who Should Do Semi Private Training?

You will love Semi Private Training if you enjoy the company of other people and a coach guiding you through a workout. So if you like being solo, I’d suggest going with Personal Training instead.

You’ll also enjoy the dynamic of Semi Private Training if you crave energy and motivation. These workouts tend to incorporate a natural upswing of motivational coaching to help the participants get through the workout.

The pace of the workout is typically a little more efficient and generally a bit quicker than Personal Training. The coach is making considerations for all participants but also working to keep everyone on track for a great workout.

If you are brand new to exercise and/or have an injury, it would be wise to do a few Personal Training sessions prior to jumping into a group. That way you can ensure you are safe, have the right form and feel confident so that you can enjoy and thrive in the group environment.

If you’re conscientious of any competitive aspects within a group, ensure the community you choose is the right fit. I’d suggest researching if they have mirrors (seeing other people), TV monitors that display your personal workout results/read-outs and/or if you are buddied up with anyone. If the Semi-Private training incorporates any or all of those factors and you are concerned about the competitive realms, I’d suggest finding a community that does not have those aspects, such as Feed Your Soul Fitness.

The Benefits of Training in a Small Group

When it comes to the benefits of Small Group Training, they stack up quickly!

I’ll start with my personal favorite, which is the ENERGY! Nothing beats being surrounded by others that build up the vibe and create a great flow of energy. It helps you push through walls, overcome the obstacles and stick with it all till the end of class. The right class will provide energy from the verbal coaching from the trainer, the music playing and the other participants.

Another on-going benefit of Small Group Training is the consistency it breeds. Finding a class schedule you can make as a regular commitment will help to make sure it stays higher on your priority list versus having it pushed off to the side (over and over again!) The consistency comes from the relationship you create with the trainer and possibly even the other participants, as well as yourself. Making these classes a VIP appointment that you do not miss will help ensure the longevity to your journey.

Semi Private Training is also a great option if you’re looking for workouts for couples. Training with a partner can be a motivating experience that also helps you bond!

Most people I speak with say they struggle with Accountability. Naturally, the majority of communities have some kind of accountability tied into signing up for classes; meaning, if you signed up and then didn’t show up, there is typically a charge or the loss of that class. Let’s face it, you signed up for one of the coveted spots, so now, you’re in charge of showing up. And at the end of a long work day when you’re tired or even first thing in the morning when you want to hit the snooze button, this will help to make sure you actually drive there when you’re supposed to be there.

One of the maybe not-so-obvious benefits is finding new friends. And not just any new friend! A friend that is like-minded for a healthy lifestyle! Someone you can call up to go for a hike with or to go eat a healthy meal out without the temptation of eating off track. Someone that’s a familiar face in the group that you see week after week. In a way, they are also part of your accountability and consistency!

Last, but certainly not least, a great benefit is the extra push! Again, be aware of your desired “competitive edge” and the community you choose, but seriously… when you are exercising in the presence of others, you will always push just a lil harder. It can be so inspirational to watch someone else in class keep going with their push ups to then give you that gentle nudge to finish yours! Imagine when you’re buddies with some of the other gals and you learn about a shoulder injury someone has, but they continue to find ways to push themselves. That’s naturally going to push you in a healthy way to get past your obstacles!

How to Find a Good Small Group Training Class

In order to find just the right fit, I’d recommend giving 3 communities a try! Be goldilocks! Find “Just the right fit!”

A few questions I’d ask yourself in order to filter some solid choices to try out would be:

  • What’s the competitive edge that I want?
    • Let’s make sure there is alignment for what you want and what the community offers.
  • How many people am I comfortable exercising around?
    • Would you feel comfortable if it’s only 3 people? Would you be comfortable if it was 15 people?
  • What’s the ideal time of day I want to exercise?
    • If you never wake up before 6am, why would you sign up for classes that start at 5:30am? Conversely, if you know you will stay late at work and miss the 6pm workout over and over again, signing up for classes in the evening would not be wise. No matter what, there always needs to be a little ‘give’ here. There is no perfect schedule and no perfect time of day to workout. Sometimes, need to sacrifice and just show up, whether it’s earlier than ideal or later than ideal.
  • Do I need a class schedule where I can join at any time or do I need to be on a regular, same time/same day schedule?
    • Some programs out there have consistency where its Mon/Wed/Fri 6am, for example. Some semi-private training groups you can choose when you want to go. Make sure it works for you!
  • Do I need to address any injuries or limitations with Personal Training before I start?
    • If you are unsure, talk with someone on the staff, and stay on the safe side. There is no such thing as a wasted Personal Training session. You will always learn something about an exercise a movement, or your body. Make sure you consider your comfort and confidence level.

Semi Private Training at Feed Your Soul Fitness

Our small group fitness classes are motivating, fun, and not intimidating. Each workout is uniquely designed so that you won’t get bored. During the workout, we will offer ways to modify to make it easier and ways to vary to make it more challenging. And, you can take our classes in person in the studio or online from the comfort of your home.

people flexing after small group training class

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