hiking in colorado

January 5, 2023

A great way to “Feed Your Soul” is to get out into nature, and what better way than hiking!

It’s a great way to get the heart rate up, build endurance and stamina, as well as get the “feel good” endorphins going. Colorado has thousands of hikes to suit any level and help you see more of nature. Experiencing nature is good for mental health, depression, anxiety, stress relief and more! 

brandy and sven, owners of feed your soul fitness hiking in colorado

The owners of FYSF, Brandy and her husband Sven, love hiking and get out any chance they can for an adventure. Because hiking has made an incredible impact on their health, life and relationship, they want to share with you some of their favorite hikes in Colorado.

Together, they have climbed 10 of the 14,000 ft peaks in Colorado (known as 14ers). Fun Fact: The name of the business, Feed Your Soul Fitness, was also discovered while on a hike!

If you have questions about hiking in Colorado feel free to email us at info@FeedYourSoulFitness.com

Hiking in Jefferson County, Colorado

Jefferson County has hiking close to the Denver metro area. Many of the Jefferson County parks have a wide variety of hiking for the beginner to intermediate and even advanced hiker.  

At the time of this post, Jeffco does not charge for parking however Boulder will have fee’s if you are not a resident. Be aware to look ahead at the specific trail websites to ensure there is not a “Biker Only” day (some trails alternate between hiker only and biker only days for safety). Also be sure to ensure if you enter into a State Park or National Park that you have the appropriately purchased pass. 


Enchanted Forest and the Apex Trail

The Enchanted Forest Hike in the Apex park is probably the closest Denver hike you can get to and really feel you’re in the woods. I enjoy all of the Apex trails but Enchanted Forest is my favorite in this park. 

No matter your fitness level, this is a great place to get started or get your workout in. As you leave the parking lot the trail is paved.  So your hike can be as short or long as you like. If your new to hiking or feel the entire hike may be too much start out and go as long as you feel comfortable.  Use this trail over and over to get your stamina up.

In the spring time, this trail can hold snow and ice for extended amounts of time due to all of the shade, however, come summer, its the perfect place to be covered in the shade! Apex can get crowded but Enchanted Forest has always seemed serene.

enchanted forest apex trail hike in colorado
photo of mountains in colorado from windshield of a car
hiking trail in colorado

Mustang Trail at White Ranch

mustang trail at white ranch, hike in colorado
hiking in colorado
views from a hike in colorado

For an easier hike, access from the upper parking lot.

Mayham Gulch Trail Centennial Cone Park Jefferson County

Mayham Gulch Trail hike in Colroado
Mayham Gulch Trail hike in Colorado
the view of mountains from Mayham Gulch Trail in Colroado

This trail has a small and very large loop. It’s a beautiful hike with the trail head between mile marker 262.5 and 262 on highway 6 outside Golden Colorado; 9.5 miles from intersection US highway 6 and State Highway 93 on right side of road.

Judd Falls Gunneson National Forest

Judd Falls Gunneson National Forest hike in Coloado
Brandy hiking the Judd Falls Gunneson National Forest
view from the Judd Falls Gunneson National Forest trail

This trail includes an amazing valley and a beautiful water fall.  If nothing else, drive up the valley but naturally, we recommend getting out of your car and enjoying a walk in one of the gems of the Colorado Rockies!

Directions:  From Crested Butte, head north on Gothic Road through Mt. Crested Butte.  Head north for a few miles, cross a bridge, after before the town of Gothic; there is a parking area with a bathroom.  Park here or go right .5 miles to the trail head.  If you drive to the upper trail head you will need a higher clearance vehicle besides a sedan.

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