40 Strong Challenge

Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability + Support


The 40 Strong Challenge comes with EVERYTHING you need to be successful!

This challenge is perfect for women over 40 and is 40 days long!

  • 40 minute group classes (In Studio or Online)

  • Nutritional Resources (Recipes, Portion Guides, Meal Planners, Clean Eating Lists and more!)

  • 1:1 Accountability Coaching: a human that connects with you weekly to help you reach your goals and be accountable

See For YourSelf


Get Stronger


Be a Part of a Community


Feel Better


Lose Weight


Be Healthier


Rev Up Your Metabolism


Balance Your Hormones

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40 Strong for $399


women in their 40s smiling after a fitness class

Online, In Studio, or both!


The 40 strong challenge is perfect for you if:


You’re ready to prioritize you despite being a caretaker


You’re wanting to protect your lean muscle mass (and grow it)


Your pants are tighter


You’re not loving what you see in the mirror


You’re over being tired all the time


You’re ready to feel better and be healthier; including mood and mental clarity


You want to keep your metabolism strong and hormones balanced


You know you need a community and you’re done doing it on your own.

women in their 40s doing squats in a fitness class



  • Anti-diet approach. Consistently good vs. occasionally perfect is your new motto.
  • Sensible nutrition strategy – does not restrict you or force you to give up the foods you love.
  • Success tools: Meal planner, portion guide, hunger guide, shopping lists, eating out guides, amazing recipes, much more.
  • You can have your own dietary needs folded in: Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Macro tracking, Intermittent Fasting etc. 
group workout



  • 40 minute full body workouts offered 7 days a week that focus on your getting stronger in a comfortable, non intimidating environment
  • Choose between a 3x a week or 4x a week training program. 
  • Includes Stretch & Mobility Classes



  • Group classes In-Studio or Online via Zoom from the convenience of your home
  • A variety of workouts to choose from: Strength & Cardio, Circuit Training, Zumba, Kickboxing and Stretch & Mobility
  • Full access to a library of on-demand videos. Your favorite workout or stretch session at your convenience.
  • Flexibility to choose whatever class you want, when you want it. You pick from our variety of times and days.

Accountability and Support = better results


  • Guidance to know what to do and how to do it
  • Check-ins to ensure you stay on track
  • Coaching feedback so you learn while you improve
  • Lifestyle approach versus fad diet, restrictive or “all or nothing”
  • Celebrate Non Scale Victories

Quality WORKOUTS with 40 strong


  • Strength training focused, full body workouts
  • Modifications and variations provided to meet you where you’re at.
  • Supportive and welcoming community
  • Embrace the sense of accomplishment with each workout completed
people posing for a photo after a strength class

Get everything you need to create the habits and lifestyle you need for the results you want!

We provide a fully comprehensive program for you:

12 workouts you can take Online from Home or In-Studio (ideally taken 3x a week for 4 weeks)

24/7 access to recorded workouts you can do from anywhere at anytime

Exclusive access to the “Challenger Portal” that includes healthy recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Full Meal Plan to help you know how much of what to eat and when

Restaurant Guide to help you eat healthier when ordering out/dining out

Traveling on Track Guide so that you travel in a healthier way

Weekly Accountability messages from your very own Coach!

Private online community for additional support and camaraderie

What our clients say about their experience

“The LIVE workouts and Healthy At Home Portal offered by Feed Your Soul Fitness has saved me during this pandemic…

They have extremely knowledgeable and thorough coaches that care about you improving. They can help with any modifications you may need. It is an amazing community with no intimidation-just welcoming people that look like m!”

Denver, CO

“I loved their approach to nutrition! It gave me a better relationship with food…

I have done every diet out there and always gain and lose the same 15-20lbs. The nutrition they taught me allowed me to lose the weight and keep it off. I can eat sensibly and enjoy occasional treats with my family. The resources they provide were top notch!



Wheat Ridge, CO