How to Change the Shape and Size of Your Body with Food

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What does eating healthy actually mean for Soul Fit Nutrition?

We are here to break ‘diet culture’ including restrictive diets, low calorie diets (1200 calorie or less), or even diets that completely eliminate foods all together. Our approach is less about restriction and more about freedom. We also aim to balance all three macronutrients while eating every day foods.

We love to take women who have previously had a bad relationship with food and empower them to understand food for the first time in their life. Having confidence in nutrition leads to your optimal health and wellness.

Client Love on the Soul Fit Nutrition Journey

“As a single mom of a 5-year-old and a nurse that works 24-hour shifts, I thought there was no way I could begin to get on track with my health. Over the early years of my son’s life and living with my mom, I gained weight, but when COVID happened, I gained even more. This coaching helped me learn how to choose better foods from the hospital cafeteria as well as how to meal prep for my long shifts. I always have a high-protein, a quick snack I can grab between patients to keep me from going long hours without eating. I’m so proud that I am now a positive role model for my kiddo for healthy, balanced eating!”.

– E.W

“I live a life with my new husband where we love to go to brunch and enjoy brewery patios with friends. I also love to work out and have my body be as strong as possible. I knew something was off track with my nutrition, so I joined the Soul Fit Nutrition program so I could learn why I couldn’t get the fat off my body. The individualized coaching helped me so much because my coach knew how to help me maintain aspects of my lifestyle and learn how to reduce my body fat. I love the strength I have in my workouts and that I can drink a beer!”

– A.S.

Learn about how ‘macros’ can make a positive effect on your body’s shape, size and weight.

You’ll also learn how to OVERCOME MINDSET challenges that may be holding you back.

high protein foods including eggs, salmon, steak, nuts, and seeds
healthy diet

You’ll learn how to change the composition of your body with food. It’s much more simple than you think!