10 Healthy Snacks for Camping

September 25, 2022

Whether you are backpacking in, car camping or even glamping in an RV, having healthy snacks to fuel your body for hiking, rafting, or horseback riding is very important. Depending on your trip, you may need to consider what to bring for a car ride, a or long trek in. You may also need to determine what options you would have for cooking or slicing. Planning ahead is key for a successful trip to ensure your health and wellness journey stays strong and you stick with your healthier eating habits, even when you are away from home. 

What Makes a Healthy Camping Snack?

A good camping snack is something to hold you over between meals.

Often, our snacks can get rather consuming and end up being meals themselves. It is most ideal when your snack can have a mix of Protein, Carb and Fat so all three macros are included, but that is not always possible. Just be considerate of your snack being too heavy on carbs and fats and ensure your meals have ample protein.

Naturally, some things can be stored at room temperature, but knowing that some food can be left in the car or bear proof container, the heat is something to be aware of. Having a cooler with containers that won’t allow water in will be important. I’d recommend pre-slicing and preparing as much as you can before you leave so there is less work to do later. Once you have your prepped snacks packed, refrain from buying packaged foods so you are less tempted when it comes time to actually eat.

10 Healthy Snacks for Camping

Cucumber & Cream Cheese Discs: 

   Bring a cucumber and some light cream cheese (try a chive flavor!)  Add a teaspoon of cream cheese to a sliced cucumber and add a little ‘everything bagel’ seasoning on top for a tasty, light snack that is also refreshing!

Hard Boiled Eggs with Carrot Sticks: 

If you are feeling extra hungry and want to eat more than two eggs, I would toss any yolk balls beyond two. They are good in moderation, but do add up fat quickly! You can make your carrot sticks thin or thick and don’t forget the tri-colored carrots!

Hummus and Veggies: 

I love roasted red pepper hummus with sliced bell peppers and cucumbers but anything goes! If you pre-slice your veggies, this is a quick snack if you are in a hurry between activities.

Peanut Butter and Rice Cakes: 

Plain rice cakes are good, but also try the “everything” seasoned ones. Make sure the PB you choose is quality with low sugar and just peanuts for ingredients (Almond Butter works too). I would suggest no more than one tablespoon of PB for a serving on a full size rice cracker.

Babybel Cheese Wedges and Almond Thin Crackers:

 This is the perfect pairing of crunch and cheese! One babybel wedge would match 3-5 crackers for an ideal snack.

Plain Greek Yogurt with Berries:

I personally love fresh raspberries blended with my yogurt, however, blueberries tend to pack better and last longer. 

Air Popped Popcorn with Nutritional Yeast:

This pairing is not only crunchy but with the Nutritional Yeast sprinkled on, it’s also cheesy and nutty- so yum! You can pre-bag one to two cups in containers to portion out servings for yourself and your family/friends. 

Do-It-Yourself Trail Mix: 

So many pre-packaged Trail mixes are high in fat, salt and sugar. Making your own, you can buy unsalted cashews or almonds, add in pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate drops and thinly shaved coconut slivers for a nice variety that is perfect for enjoying on a hike!

Celery and Peanut Butter:

An all time favorite! Again, make sure your PB choice is quality and you are only using less than a tablespoon. PB is easy to smear too much of!

Turkey Jerky or Beef Jerky:

Make sure you are aware of the sodium involved as well as the sugar, so buy a more quality brand when it comes to jerky. Check the ingredients on the back.

Need more healthy snack ideas?

Our nutrition coaches can help you create individualized plans to reach your goals. Chat with a coach to learn about our nutrition coaching options.

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