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A Colorado Gym Specializing in Small Group Fitness, Wellness, and Health Coaching.

Our Programs

Elevate Coaching & Training

This program is perfect for someone that has continually struggled with food and nutrition and the shape/size of their body. They know they need continual accountability so they don't fall off like they have before. Whether they are just starting out or they are stuck at a plateau, this program will Elevate their results and lifestyle and can be done from anywhere in the world!

Small Group


This is perfect for someone that struggles with accountability, needs motivation and wants a community to support them. Even if they have an injury or it's been a while since they've worked out, our small group training is the best because we focus on beginner/intermediate levels of fitness! Our workouts will help with getting stronger, having more energy and feeling more confident overall!

One-on-One Personal Training

This program is perfect for those that struggle with staying on track and know they need increased accountability with individual encouragement. It's a great way to start after a surgery, procedure or after physical therapy so they stay safe. Personal training is a great way to make big strides to losing weight, increasing cardiovascular endurance and improving balance & mobility. 

21 Day Detox

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The top 5 reasons Feed Your Soul is the best training studio:

  1. 30 Minute Training SessionsWe know how busy you are yet how important it is to get your training session in. We have workouts 6 days a week, all times of day for your convenience.
  2. Accountability- We have Accountability Coaches with each member to ensure everyone has the support they need. We reach out to make sure you have what you need for continued success.
  3. Community- Whether you are new to Colorado or if you are looking to meet more like-minded people, we have a community of welcoming, happy, genuine people that look forward to meeting you!
  4. Variety- We offer Strength Training, Cardio/Core, TRX and Stretching classes and you choose when you want to come and what you want to take. Our coaches pride themselves on creating unique workouts and stretch sessions to provide variety all while modifying for injuries or limitations. 
  5.  Nutrition Coaching-If . you are only focusing on working out, you are just trying to out exercise a bad diet. Let us help coach you through nutrition in a way that fits your lifestyle, family needs and personality. Nutrition will not only change the shape and size of your body, but also help you think more clearly, have more energy and look your best!

See What Others Have to Say

I have had a great time getting to know everyone at FYSF. I started 10 weeks ago with their 42 day Challenge, and I decided to sign up for a membership after that. The coaches are great. The help/training is individualized enough that I have had no problems getting back into working out after YEARS of not doing it consistently. The support/accountability have helped me stay on track and are what keep me coming back. I will be here for many years to come.

Tracie B.

This place has given me the support I needed to help turn some unhealthy habits around with exercise and nutrition. I'm still getting to know folks in the community, but the trainers and classes have been wonderful. I so appreciate that trainers know you by name.

I've lost around 8 lbs so far in five weeks, have SO much more energy, enjoy meal prepping and cooking healthy foods, and I'm more motivated to make better choices for my health across the board. Big goals seem more feasible and I'm excited about them. I know now what it takes to achieve the

Julia G.

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