Why Choose a Boutique Fitness Studio

September 8, 2022

When it comes to choosing a place to workout, there are almost too many choices. From ‘Big Box’ gyms to Recreation Centers to YMCA facilities all the way to Boutique Fitness Studios, there is quite a bit of variety available.

Depending on variables such as your starting point, workout style preferences, personality and preferred time of day to exercise, you may find yourself choosing one over the other. In this article, I will help you better understand a little more about the variety out there as well as how to know what is best for you.

What is Boutique Fitness?

Boutique Fitness will often be a facility that has chosen a specific niche to focus on such as Kickboxing, Aerial Yoga or Pilates to name a few examples. Some facilities will even choose a specific demographic that they serve such as beginners, seniors, athletes or even children.

The trainers/coaches that are teaching in these facilities tend to also have degrees or multiple certifications so they can specialize in those realms of training. You would overall feel a higher quality of training from this.

Boutique Fitness Studios offer more quality exercise classes/sessions with more qualified trainers in safer, more comfortable environment. Yes, the price may be higher than what you would pay for at a “Big Box” gym, but when it comes to exercise classes and training, you truly do get what you pay for and this is an area that is best to not skimp on.

Benefits of Joining a Boutique Fitness Studio

In the environment of a Boutique Fitness Studio, you will find more focused and like-minded people similar to yourself. Because most Boutique Fitness Studios will choose more of a niche to focus on, you will be around people that are attracted to that same thing.

Let’s say you like Reformer Pilates. Most Big Box gyms do not offer Reformer Pilates. You will most likely have to seek out a Boutique Studio that has the reformers with teachers that are certified in how to coach participants to safely use one. Most likely, the clientele there is seeking out that same focus of the Reformers. That like-mindedness will allow for you to feel a deeper sense of community and to connect with the other participants on a deeper level. The training should also feel much more focused than generalized as well.

Another benefit is that Boutique Studios will often offer fitness challenges, charity events, community nights, social gatherings and more. This really increases the community feeling and overall involvement of every member. Depending on your social desires, this could be something you seek out or prefer to not be a part of.

Typically, there is more of a consistent type of clientele as well in Boutique Fitness Studios. They tend to be more membership based with consistency as a focus – versus drop-in schedules where familiar faces are less common. If you like the idea of seeing regular buddies, joining a Boutique Fitness studio would be wise as it would help with your own accountability.

Boutique Studios also tend to be closed to the public meaning you need to be in a class or a private session to be working out in the facility. Some people are uncomfortable working out in front of others whether they are self conscious about their bodies, sweat a lot or don’t like crowds. Big Box gyms are known for being overcrowded where you are waiting for equipment or machines. This would usually play a bigger role in the decision of what type of facility you want to exercise in.

How to Find a Boutique Fitness Studio

In order to find the right fit for what you are looking for, I would suggest answering these questions so you can be more intentional with your search.

  • What type of fitness/exercise calls to you? Does the potential studio have a style of workout that would help you achieve your goals and help you look forward to it? You do not want to dread your workouts!
  • What time of day do you prefer to workout/exercise? Does the potential studio offer times that fit your schedule?
  • Is it 1-on-1 training or is it group? How big are the groups (large group exercise or small group training?) What are you comfortable with?
  • Does the philosophy of the facility match what you are looking for? If you prefer a non-competitive environment, joining a boutique fitness studio that places rankings of exertion on a TV on the wall would not be ideal.
  • Do they have trainers on staff with proper degrees/certifications?

Additionally, finding the right boutique fitness studio can involve some research and sometimes a little trial and error. Here are a few tips to finding that perfect fit:

  • Ask your network or friends and family to see if they have tried anything they have enjoyed.
  • Utilize social media and facebook groups to find local options that fit your style.
  • Use trial offers that studios offer to test out a variety of their class styles, teachers, and class times to see if it’s a good fit.
  • Use Google Search to locate studios you might enjoy by searching for terms that fit your class preferences.

Find Your Fitness Community at Feed Your Soul Fitness

If you’re looking for a good fit and want to try out our classes, check out the 7 days for $25 trial offer so you can test out different instructors and class times that fit your preferences. We hope to see you soon!

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