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Have you ever spent far too long sifting through your closet frustrated because nothing in your closet fits and it’s time to buy bigger clothes (again!)

Have you experienced the ‘Burn Out’ of a 24/7/365 diet? You know, where you chronically feel like you are on a diet or you need to be on one?

Do you ever struggle with starting some kind of diet only to fall off the wagon after a few days or weeks? Have you experienced the ‘start-stop, yo-yo diet’ cycle that is brutal on you, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally?

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Does This Sound Like You?

You’ve experienced a significant life event (death in the family, a move out of state, having a baby or even getting divorced) that changed the course of your nutritional habits or workout routine.

Most days you have a cup of coffee for breakfast, a few morsels of food for lunch, hangry at 4pm and then eat everything in the fridge while you wait for your GrubHub to be delivered…followed by 1 too many glasses of wine and late night snacking.

When you look in the mirror or see yourself in pictures, you hate what you see and think about how you ever got this way.

You put everyone and everything else first…and yourself, your goals, your health and your well being… LAST.

If things don’t change, how will this manifest in your life?

Will it interfere with your long-term health (being pre- diabetic, having high blood pressure, heart disease)? What about not being able to be a positive role model to your kids and spouse? Speaking of your spouse, how can your sex life improve? Will you continue to stay stuck in analysis paralysis (second guessing what is the right thing for you)?

If nothing changes, how will your mental health be effected?

You might feel anxiety, depression, or find yourself stress/emotional eating, or late night snacking.

You might over eat, under eat, or skip meals which only contributes to your low self esteem.

You might continue to make poor decisions and eat unhealthy food which will leave you stuck and frustrated.

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If any of this resonates with you, we want to connect with you.

Why Choose Soul Fit Nutrition Coaching?

Our Process


We start by learning about your behaviors for what a normal week in your life looks like (routines, lifestyle, eating, sleeping and exercising habits). We want to know what a weekday looks like when you have more structure, as well as a weekend when you are going to brunch or have a family event. We want to know what a great day looks like for you AND what a not so great day looks like.

Identify a Plan

Now that we fully understand where you are starting from, we can identify an approachable plan of action to meet your lifestyle goals. We can help with your nutrition from a variety of approaches from Intuitive Eating, to Macros to Gut Health and even Lifestyle (Gluten Free/Dairy Free/Vegetarian). You will be individually paired up with one of our certified, compassionate, professional and supportive coaches that genuinely care about your success…they are here to keep you on track, motivated and accountable. We strive to make sure that our approach to your program is 100% individualized and unique…just like you!


Through our structured 12 week nutrition program, we teach you how to understand food and nutrition for the rest of your life. Our Registered Dietitians and Clinical Nutritionists are experts that want to TEACH you and not just tell you what to do. Let’s face it, food and nutrition are overwhelming. Naturally, this creates procrastination and hesitation in your life… which is why you might be stuck.

This is where we come in.

Our goal is to teach you:

What Macros are, why they are important and how to eat the right amounts.

How to incorporate a healthy, balanced diet into your every day life.

How to once and for all lose the weight so you can feel and look your best.

How to change your mindset so you can break your limiting beliefs, create a deeper sense of self love and embrace body positivity.

In our 12 week nutrition programs you and your coach will have regular accountability Zoom calls that are open discussions regarding your goals, your progress and strategizing your next steps.

In addition to your accountability Zoom calls, you and your coach can connect as much as you need via text. Your coach will text you frequently to ensure you are on track with your nutrition and exercise goals.

All of our nutrition programs are customized for you based on how often you meet with your coach, what style of nutrition you want to focus on (Macros, Gut Health, Lifestyle etc) and if you do workouts with us or not, so pricing and what you get depends on what you want. We invite you to book a complimentary, no obligation call with us to learn more!

We have folks joining us for this program from all over the USA as well as near our studio in Denver, Colorado.

What does eating healthy actually mean for Soul Fit Nutrition?

Our Approach to Nutrition

We are here to break ‘diet culture’ including restrictive diets, low calorie diets (1200 calorie or less), or even diets that completely eliminate foods all together. Our approach is less about restriction and more about freedom. We also aim to balance all three macronutrients while eating every day foods.

We love to take women who have previously had a bad relationship with food and empower them to understand food for the first time in their life. Having confidence in nutrition leads to your optimal health and wellness.

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We strive to move you from negative mindsets (I’ll start eating healthy next Monday mentality), to inspire you to think outside of the box about food, recipes, meal prep and how to make the best choices.

We inspire women to help them learn how to apply nutrition that fits your unique lifestyle. (kids, travel, overnight shifts, 12 hour days).

Part of the inspiration is changing the narrative to include celebration of Non-Scale Victories and embracing a Healthy At Any Size mentality. We are a body positive community that will honor your specific goals.


We advocate for you to prioritize yourself so you can switch your mindset to be self-focused. We empower you to make better and healthier choices because you deserve it and are worth it! Last, we teach you moderation so you can truly enjoy food guilt free (even if it is a bowl of ice cream). It will feel so satisfying! We want to make sure that you don’t get stuck in shame cycles… we want you to eat the brownie, drink the glass of wine, and still stay on track while getting results!

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healthy meal


It is vital we teach our clients so that they learn to do it for the rest of their lives! We desire to teach women that they can eat the things that they love and it can fit it into their healthy lifestyle.

We go beyond the surface level of just calories; we dig deeper to include teaching about protein, carbs and fats. Not only ensuring that they are in the proper ratios but also teaching what sources of foods are the cleanest and most nutrient dense.

Ready to be empowered and inspired?

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Our Nutrition Programs are perfect for you if you have ever…

Struggled with “yo-yo” restrictive dieting weight gain/loss.

Exercised excessively in order to rationalize a bad diet.

Wanted a better relationship with food and how you feel about your body.

Felt bloated, fatigued and brain-fogged after eating food and suffer from low energy.

Grappled with your sugar intake, inflammation issues or hormone imbalances.

Had a physical injury that prevents you from exercise, but you still want to lose weight.

Client Love on the Soul Fit Nutrition Journey

I absolutely love Feed Your Soul Fitness and their Nutrition program!

Such a great inspiring place and the coaches are wonderful. I had an ad come across my Facebook page at a time in my life that I was so down about myself because of how much weight I had gained after a surgery I had 6 months prior.

I didn’t know exactly how much I had gained until my first meeting with my coach. When that number came up on the scale my face fell, that’s when she stepped in and said ‘it’s not the final number; this is the starting number!’

From there, I entrusted her for my wellness and weight loss journey and I am so happy I did! I not only lost weight, but more importantly, learned how to have a healthier lifestyle.

Amanda C

I am an active duty officer with the US Public Health Service, so I am subject to height/weight requirements as well as an annual fitness test. I love that with FYSF, I can tackle my fitness needs and nutrition needs in one spot!

I just completed my most recent annual test with them. I am required to do a 1.5 mile run, pushups, and a timed plank. I had goals for each part and I didn’t just reach the goals, I smashed them! I beat my run time goal by almost 2 minutes, I beat my pushup goal by 5 toe push ups, and last crushed my plank goal by 1 whole minute!

I am beyond happy and proud!

I am appreciative of the Nutrition and Exercise Programs that have helped me work steadily these past few months. I am already thinking of next year’s goals!

Christine W

I live in Texas nearly full time, but I was in Denver when I did my Nutrition Program because I had a new grandson I was helping with.  As I was preparing to return home to Texas, I was concerned about being able to continue my fitness and nutrition journey without the support and encouragement that I had been getting from Feed Your Soul Fitness as I went multiple times a week.

Their Nutrition Program was a perfect way for me to fill that void!  I was able to stay in touch with my coach when I had questions and I was able to participate in the group workouts they have at the studio online via zoom! My coach also gave me the connection that I was concerned about losing and need so much! She kept me motivated throughout each week with text messages and weekly video chats.


Joy B

Client Video Testimonials

Sue is a single mother in her 60’s and is also a teacher. She has struggled with depression and anxiety that causes her to emotionally eat but with the support of her coach, she has learned how to stay on track with improved mindset.


Jessica came to us crying and distraught with her gut health and digestion issues. She was on the verge of turning 50 and had a terrible relationship with food. Nearly everything she ate caused her pain, bloat, fatigue, etc so she did our Gut Health Program. Now her gut is healed, she loves food again, and feels her best!



Kelly works from home so she likes to go out with her partner to enjoy beer and pizza for fun. The stress and business of her job created poor habits including eating mainly convenience foods which caused her to gain weight. Now Kelly knows how to create fast, healthy meals as well as how to enjoy a beer and pizza within her macros-Guilt Free! She is feeling great being down more than 20 pounds!


Kathy is a self-proclaimed ‘gym rat’ but she knew she was an under-eater and it was creating issues physically and hormonally. After working with her nutrition coach for 12 weeks, Kathy now understands the appropriate amount of calories, along with protein, carbs, and fats, that are best for her body. She lost 9 inches off her body and is energized for her workouts!


Sara never liked working out but knew as a woman in her 40’s it was important she get stronger. She started her journey with us with the exercise classes but soon came to feel how her nutrition needed support. She learned about her proper macros as she tended to skip meals with her busy work schedule. She lost more than 8 inches off her body and also came down 15 pounds on the scale! 


Patty came to us as a vegetarian and breast cancer survivor with bad knees. Her physical abilities were challenged so she had an urgency for better nutrition while maintaining her vegetarian lifestyle. As she increased her protein and balanced carbs and fats, she not only lost more than 50 pounds but her body was in less pain so she was able to do more physically.


Corrie was in her 40’s and exercising more than she ever had been before however, she felt her body lacked the muscle definition she wanted. She was also looking to eat less meat, go more plant based and lower her cholesterol. Now Corrie has definition in her abs and loves her plant based diet. Her cholesterol levels dropped and are now in a health range.


Jona has a busy household as she lives with her older parents, her daughter and her granddaughter. Needless to say, she battles against sugar temptations left and right. By working side by side with her supportive nutrition coach, she learned how to fit a few treats in without going overboard. On top of that, Jona is leading by example for her family focusing on planning meals as well as healthy meal prep. She’s proud of her reduction of body fat that was more than 6%! 


Joy lives part time in Colorado and part time in Texas. As a busy wife, mother and grandmother to 4, she felt she was lacking prioritizing herself and her health. She was stuck in a cycle of convenience foods and treats. Her nutrition coach helped her understand macros which helped her make better decisions. She learned how to enjoy treats guilt free occasionally and is celebrating a 25 pound weight loss in addition to more energy for the grandkids and clothes fitting better!


Susan was on the verge of turning 40 as a high school teacher and mother of 2. She sadly lost her mother due to diabetes and health issues and she did not want to follow suit. Her focus in the nutrition program was learning how to eat clean, whole foods, reduce alcohol and yet maintain realms of her lifestyle with family, friends and events. She has proudly reduced body fat and increased muscle plus she is stronger then ever for her workouts.


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