Join the 

28 Day Get into momentum 


Online, In Studio, or both!


This challenge is for you if you feel:


Like it’s finally time to take care of you, and your health…


Like your pants are getting tighter every day…


Like it’s finally time to take care of you, and your health…


Anxious, Depressed, or Moody in general…


Like you need to increase your immunity…


Like it’s finally time to take care of you, and your health…



  • Anti-diet approach. Consistently good vs occasionally perfect is our your new motto.
  • Sensible nutrition strategy – does not restrict you or force you to give up the foods you love.
  • Success tools: Meal planner, portion guide, hunger guide, shopping lists, eating out guides, amazing recipes, much more.


  • We’ll take the guesswork out of exercise.
  • Personalized heart rate plan that’s customized to your fitness level and goals.
  • Get the most out of every workout and see visually with specific data the effectiveness of your efforts!



  • Live group workouts In-Studio or from the comfort of your home via zoom.
  • Heart rate and calories in real time.
  • Library of on-demand videos. Your favorite workout at your convenience.
  • Welcome to the best hour of your day.

fun tech tools = better results

  • Save time while tracking your progress.
  • Heart rate wearable and integrated fitness app.
  • Smart body fat scale to track your fat loss progress.
  • Coaching feedback and fun social features.

Quality WORKOUTS/activity


  • Take your workouts from bland to exciting with Heart Rate monitoring. 
  • Watch your endurance increase over time.
  • Do any activity or exercise that you prefer.
  • Feel a great sense of accomplishment by looking at your stats post-workout.

Get everything you need to create the habits and lifestyle you need for the results you want!

We provide a fully comprehensive program for you:

12 workouts you can take Online from Home or In-Studio (ideally taken 3x a week for 4 weeks)

24/7 access to recorded workouts you can do from anywhere at anytime

Exclusive access to the “Challenger Portal” that includes healthy recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Full Meal Plan to help you know how much of what to eat and when

Restaurant Guide to help you eat healthier when ordering out/dining out

Traveling on Track Guide so that you travel in a healthier way

Weekly Accountability messages from your very own Coach!

Private online community for additional support and camaraderie

Adding everything up for what is included, it is worth more than $427 but we have it on a special for only $197 for a limited time!

We will not let you fail or fall behind!

Fitness + Nutrition + Accountability + Support


Your Choice! Come to our Studio for In-Person Workouts or join Online from Home!


With endless hours of Netflix and a pantry full of temptations we know getting back into shape can feel challenging. We have the solution, the structure, the simplicity you need and crave.

Your Immunity, your health and your weight need to be a priority now, more than ever. Keeping your health in tip top shape will help prevent diseases, sicknesses and illnesses.

We help you take it one step at a time, ensuring you are set up for success.

We help our community focus on Non-Scale-Victories like clothes fitting better, improving confidence, increasing energy and getting stronger.

Why join the 28 Day Challenge

Do you keep saying you will ‘start tomorrow’, but each day keeps passing without exercise or healthy nutrition?

Do you feel stressed about gaining weight, feeling heavier, or dislike looking in the mirror?

Then it’s time for our 28 Day Challenge to get you back on track!

And the BEST PART?

This all can happen from either the comfort of your own home or you can come to our clean, safe, private training studio.

You’ll not only have access to our Virtual and In-Studio workouts and stretch classes, but you’ll also have access to our complete Healthy At Home Portal that includes recorded workouts, yoga, meditations, accountability sessions that you can take anywhere in the world with you!

What our clients say about their experience

“The LIVE workouts and Healthy At Home Portal offered by Feed Your Soul Fitness has saved me during this pandemic…

They have extremely knowledgeable and thorough coaches that can help with any modifications where you can choose to get the amazing community connection but with no pressure.”

Denver, CO

“I have been scared to work out in a group setting since I fell about 7 years ago

and have 0 cartilage in my knees along with 3 screws in each foot.

I was fearful someone would wonder why I couldn’t or wouldn’t do certain exercises.

Not only do I feel comfortable at Feed Your Soul Fitness but they make me feel like I’m not alone in feeling this way!”

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