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Our Health & Wellness Coaching Programs Focus On

Your Individual Goals

That Will Help You Look And Feel Your Best

Within our Nutrition Programs, we meet you where you are at. We can provide a variety of focuses such as:

  • Gut Health: Inflammation, Digestive Issues (IBS C/D, SIBO) 
  • Reducing Body Fat/Weight Loss
  • "Macros" Education/Guidance
  • Improved Relationship with Food
  • Learning How to Cook/Food Prep
  • Health for Disease Improvement/Prevention (Cholesterol, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, PCOS etc)
  • Mindful Eating
  • Learning New Lifestyle: Gluten Free, Plant Based, Dairy Free etc
Nutrition Programs Transformation

Enjoy Our Life-Changing Program From Anywhere In The World!

Whether you join from the comfort of your own home...

nutrition programs twelve week transformation

...or from our award-winning studio in Denver, Colorado

Our Certified Coaches Are Here For You!

Two of the biggest issues we hear women saying are "I don't know what to do" and/or "I can only keep it going for a few days".....

When you join one of our Nutrition Programs at Feed Your Soul, you will be individually paired up with one of our certified, compassionate, professional and supportive coaches.

They genuinely care about your success and are there to keep you on track, motivated and accountable. They'll teach you how to make this sustainable for the rest of your life! 

Our Nutrition Coaches can approach your needs from various avenues. We can focus on Macros, Gut Health or even just eating more wholesome food.

We meet you where you are at!

Your Transformation is Waiting!

Book a "Chat with a Coach" to find out more details.

Our Nutrition Programs are perfect for you if you have ever...

  • Struggled with being on a diet ~ and that restriction caused you to "yo-yo" with food.
  • Felt like you are wasting time by trying to out exercise a bad diet
  • Felt bloated, fatigued and brain-fogged after eating food.
  • Wanted to balance your hormones.
  • Felt like you can't eat certain foods or else you will gain weight.
  • Struggled with low energy or a sluggish mind.
  • Wanted a better relationship with food.
  • Wanted a lifestyle where you can enjoy treat foods, yet look and feel your best.
  • Had a physical injury that prevents you from exercise, but you still want to lose weight.
  • Struggled with sugar intake and inflammation issues.


How do I get started?

To get started, all you have to do is fill out the form here. Once you submit the form, you will be redirected to schedule a chat with one of the coaches here. 

Once you set up a time to connect with a coach, there is no obligation. We simply want to ensure that we are a good fit for you plus we want to learn more about you. 

From there, if this is the right fit, your start date would be specific to your needs since this is an individual program.

Who is this program ideal for?

Our Nutrition Programs are for anyone looking to make improvements in their Nutrition and Lifestyle. Maybe you are starting at the beginning or maybe you have just a little more to learn, our coaches will help take you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

This program is for those who:

  •  Need motivation, guidance and support
  • Like the idea of having someone to be accountable to (socially rewarded)
  • Are not happy with their body or health currently
  • Struggle with yo-yo diets 
  • Are done with "Fad diets", pills, potions or powders
  • Have a bad relationship with food (think certain foods are "good" or "bad")
  • Struggle with losing and gaining the same 10-30lbs
  • Want to learn about nutrition with the help of tools and resources
  • Struggle to know where to start and feel overwhelmed with all the information out there.
  • Are stuck at a plateau of weight loss

How does this program work?

Our Nutrition Programs are 12 weeks long so that we can teach you how to navigate real life scenarios like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and vacation. After all, it's important we teach you how to 'have your cake and eat it too'!

Once you are ready to begin, your start date is specific to you as an individual. We ask that you fill out our in depth Health Questionnaire so we can learn more about you; this is included in your Welcome Packet email.

To begin, you will have your Virtual Orientation with your Nutrition Coach via Zoom. During this time, they will discover what your starting point is, what your specific goals are and more about your individual lifestyle. Prior to this meeting, they will have studied your Health Questionnaire and will have questions ready.

Your coach will be focused on helping to support a comprehensive approach to your health that includes looking at your:

  • Activity Level 
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Food Intake
  • Hydration
  • Lifestyle
  • and more!

For 12 weeks, you will have continual connection and support from your individual Nutrition Coach. You have the ability to message them throughout each week to ask questions, reach out for support, or call out a success. 

You and your coach will have 30 minute Accountability calls via Zoom so that there can be an open discussion regarding:

  • What is going well/feeling good?
  • What struggles/obstacles are you facing?
  • What the focuses are for the next set period of time?
  • What specific support do you need?

The cadence of these calls depend on the program you choose and can be once a month, twice a month or every week.

In addition to the 30 minute zoom accountability calls, you and your coach can connect as you need via text (we use the free app Voxer). Your coach will reach out to you frequently to ensure you are doing what you need to be doing. 

They also want to ensure you have the tools and resources each week to be successful. Basically, your coach is in your back pocket the whole time!

Our coaches will never make you feel guilty, bad or negative about anything! Having open and honest communication is vital, so be sure to talk to your coach as honestly as you can.

Your coach is going to make sure you do not fail, fall behind or feel alone!

A large part of the success people have with our programs comes from the fact that we are teaching you along the way and not just telling you what to do. Of course, we help make suggestions for various aspects, but you will know why and how, which makes all the difference!

What is the pricing?

Because we have a variety of options from Gut Health to Macros to Holistic Nutrition and because the variables for frequency of meeting with your coach, pricing varies. 

We are here to customize a program that fits your budget and lifestyle! Please click any of the "Chat with a Coach" buttons to schedule a no obligation call. 

We can explore what your specific needs are around Nutrition and Fitness as well as getting a better understanding of which program is best for you and how often you would meet with your coach.

Do the Nutrition Programs come with workouts?

Feed Your Soul Fitness provides group exercise classes that are available in person at our location in Denver Colorado or you can access them in real-time via Zoom online from home! 

Our group exercise classes are available 7 days a week and these are available optionally with our Nutrition Programs. You will love the extra push the fitness coach gives along with watching your form to make sure you are safe!

We have some clients choose to include them for exercise and additional community support and some choose not to because they already attend their own workouts. 

What is the Meal Plan like? Do you provide a list of "approved foods"?

Depending on the program of your choice, the nutrition can vary. 

The nutrition will look a little differently with our Gut Health program compared to our Macros program, however, in the end, it is always our goal to help you learn to find moderation and balance. 

We love teaching our clients to be able to enjoy a brownie, glass of wine or ice cream into their lifestyle-without guilt or shame! 

We honor each client's dietary needs such as gluten free, dairy free etc so let us know your needs.  

What are 'Macronutrients'?

The term ‘Macros’ is short for Macronutrients. 

Macros simply put are just Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat. We need all three Macros in specific amounts based on numerous variables and when we are not getting the proper amounts, that is when our body composition suffers as well as our hormones.

Once the specific amounts of macros are determined (by your coach), you will feel healthier, happier, in control of food and also achieve your desired goals with weight loss or gain.

We teach, show and prove that carbs and fats are not the enemy and you can still eat them while achieving your desired body composition!

I'd like to do this with my spouse? Is that possible?

Yes! We encourage spouses to do this together as you do live in the same house and share the same refrigerator! While it is not necessary, it is nice to have that joint effort to healthier, more mindful eating. 

Based on the variation of the Nutrition Program each of you desires, pricing would vary. Please contact us to discuss the options. 

Learn about Jami's triumph with our Gut Health program...

What Our Clients Are Saying...

amanda, nutrition program client


I absolutely love Feed Your Soul Fitness and their Nutrition program!

Such a great inspiring place and the coaches are wonderful. I had an ad come across my Facebook page at a time in my life that I was so down about myself because of how much weight I had gained after a surgery I had 6 months prior.


I didn’t know exactly how much I had gained until my first meeting with my coach. When that number came up on the scale my face fell, that’s when she stepped in and said ‘it’s not the final number; this is the starting number!’

From there, I entrusted her for my wellness and weight loss journey and I am so happy I did! I not only lost weight, but more importantly, learned how to have a healthier lifestyle.

Amanda C.

Hear what Jessica has to say about our Gut Health Program...

christine, nutrition program client


I am an active duty officer with the US Public Health Service, so I am subject to height/weight requirements as well as an annual fitness test. I love that with FYSF, I can tackle my fitness needs and nutrition needs in one spot!

I just completed my most recent annual test with them. I am required to do a 1.5 mile run, pushups, and a timed plank. I had goals for each part and I didn’t just reach the goals, I smashed them! I beat my run time goal by almost 2 minutes, I beat my pushup goal by 5 toe push ups, and last crushed my plank goal by 1 whole minute!

I am beyond happy and proud!

I am appreciative of the Nutrition and Exercise Programs that have helped me work steadily these past few months. I am already thinking of next year’s goals!

Christine W.

joy, nutrition program client


I live in Texas nearly full time, but I was in Denver when I did my Nutrition Program because I had a new grandson I was helping with.  As I was preparing to return home to Texas, I was concerned about being able to continue my fitness and nutrition journey without the support and encouragement that I had been getting from Feed Your Soul Fitness as I went multiple times a week.

Their Nutrition Program was a perfect way for me to fill that void!  I was able to stay in touch with my coach when I had questions and I was able to participate in the group workouts they have at the studio online via zoom! My coach also gave me the connection that I was concerned about losing and need so much! She kept me motivated throughout each week with text messages and weekly video chats.

Joy B

Before & After Client Photos

nutrition programs transformation
20 lb weight loss transformation
body composition transformation
transformation photo
nutrition programs transformation
nutrition programs transformation
soul fit participant transformation


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